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Præcision Plastsprøjtestøbning og Formfremstilling

Service ydelser:
  • Sprøjtestøbning
  • Formfremstilling 
  • Formkonstruktion
Kapacitet :
  • Sprøj.tryk: 50 til 1600 tons
  • 180 stk Maskiner
Min Ordre (MOQ):
1 Form og / eller:
Min: 500 USD, Min 50 -100 Stk.

Firma profil:
  • 450 ansatte
  • Fabiksareal 10000 m ²
  • By:  Dongguan
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 14001
  • Kvalitet iht. DIN 16901
Emner under 30-40% af dansk pris.
Værktøj 1/4 - 1/5 af dansk pris

I de tilfælde kunden ikke har en fyldestgørende tegning, tilbydes bl.a. udarbejdelse af tegninger. Det fordres emnet ejes af kunden og han fremsender et emne. Varigheden er normalt 2 dage til en timepris af 100 Kr

Eks. på underleverancer

Established in 1988, APC´s Partner specializes in the design and construction of plastic injection molds, providing impeccable craftsmanship and a personal commitment to mold excellence and on-time delivery. Today, headquartered at Dongguan, Guangdong province in southern China, APC´s Partner is an international custom injection molder with three facilities employing over 400 people.

p5 p6
APC´s Partner is your complete source for injection molding and product development services.

APC´s Partner's strength lies in the supply of complete systems ranging from the design solution to the finished mold right through to sampling or production of parts for pilot series or mass production. APC´s Partner offers advanced process technology and machining by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. The use of high-performance machining technology and equipment allows us to maintain our constant goal of perfection.

p7 Factory Tour

Welcome to APC´s Partner virtual factory tour. Potential customers are also invited to our new facility in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, for a more comprehensive visit! This 53,800 square feet new facility is conveniently located at Changan Jiekou Industrial Park, right at the Changan exit of Guangshen express way (Guangzhou - Shenzhen), only 20 minutes from Shenzhen International Airport. It has 11 precision injection machines and an array of advanced equipments such as CNC machine centers, EDM machines, wire-cut machines, coordinate measuring machine and with over 300 employees, among whom 50 are senior supervisors, mold mechanics and quality inspectors. APC´s Partner is producing 800 molds a year with the highest quality, precision, efficiency and service.


APC´s Partner produces electrodes in both graphite and copper with different cutting tools and spindle speed of up to 20,000 RPM. Using the advanced EDM machines, we are able to deliver high precision product with a shorter lead-time.


 To make high precision products, one needs a high precision Wire-cut Machine.


Produkt eksempler


APC´s Partner produces many products for the automotive industry. We supply high precision molds, both thermoplastic and thermoset, for this industry. No matter how large or complex the project, our dedication to quality has allowed us to serve all of the major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.



p15IT Products

A large part of APC´s Partner's workload is focused on molds for the IT Electronics industry. As demand for these types of products has increased, we have had the opportunity to serve as suppliers for these molds. APC´s Partner is well suited to accommodate the ever-advancing consumer electronics industry through both our engineering and manufacturing capabilities.



p17OA Equipment

APC´s Partner's superior design and performance testing capabilities are tailor-made for customers in the OA equipment industry. Our design engineers assist in product design, incorporating thin-wall molding technology to consistently produce strong yet lightweight snap-fit subassemblies. Housings for fax machines, photocopiers and scanners, as well as cellular phones and digital cameras are manufactured for OEMs serving both national and international markets.



p19Home Appliances

In an extremely competitive and changing marketplace, APC´s Partner finds ways to get the job done right. From TV sets to DVD players and air-conditioners, APC´s Partner uses the latest technologies in the manufacturing process. With APC´s Partner's wide range of press sizes, we have the capability to manufacture almost any part.




p21Power Tools

APC´s Partner works with professional manufacturers of high quality hand tools ever since its establishment. Lawn mowers, leaf blower-vacs, self-tapping fastener driver
—these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hand tools at APC´s Partner.



p1Precision Molds

At APC´s Partner we take great pride in the molds we make. The workmanship of our toolmakers is of a very high quality. Our specialty is in the manufacture of complex precision molds to exacting requirements using the latest CAD/CAM and spark eroding technology.



p25Various Others

By not limiting ourselves to one particular industry, we have broadened our experience and increased our capabilities.




p27 p1To meet the most stringent industry demands, our facility features the latest in high-tech CNC equipment, capable of sophisticated geometry, multi-contoured surfaces, high-precision tolerances and unattended machining. APC´s Partner is committed to investing in the necessary equipment to stay in the forefront of the ever-changing face of technology. This allows us to offer the best possible lead times along with competitive pricing.  
  p1   p1  
Maskinpark / Kapabilitet 

p28Tooling Equipment

Description (Total)
Capacity (mm)
Conventional Milling Machine (29)
    700×500×500 11
    800×350×400 3
    1000×300×300 1
2 EDM (25) 300×400×300 14
    600×400×400 7
    1000×500×500 2
    1200×1200×800 2
3 EDM Hole Popper (1) 200×300×150 1
4 Grinder (15) 150×250×200 3
    300×200×300 10
    400×200×300 1
    600×300×400 1
5 High Speed Lathing Machine (2) 400×400 2
6 Drilling Machine (1) Z-1300 1
7 CNC Milling Machine Center (8) 500×350×500 1
    700×450×450 1
    1050×500×500 2
    1250×800×700 2
    1500×800×700 1
    3000×1400×1500 1
8 Wire-Cut Machine (4) 400×500×400 3
    500×300×200 1
    630×800×500 1

p29Molding Equipment

State-of-the-art Plastic Injection Molding Machines ranging from 50 to 1600 tons capacity deliver unmatchable quality time after time.

Capacity (mm)
2 90T 2
3 100T 1
4 120T 2
5 160T 1
6 250T 1
7 330T 1
8 1600T 1

p30Inspection Equipment

We have a full array of inspection equipment at our facility to accomplish any required measurements. All of our inspection equipment and employee personal inspection tools are calibrated annually. This calibration is done in house by our staff using ISO standards.

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
2 Linear Height Gauge 1
3 Profile Projector 1
4 Gauge Blocks 4
5 Gauge Pins 5
                                                                 Produktudvikling / Design / Værktøjsfremstilling 

p31 Our in-house design, tooling and custom molding services add value in a variety of dimensions. Under one roof, we have experts in p1part design and development that can provide assistance to your next program. From concept through tooling to actual injection molding of the finished part, we can ensure the fastest and most cost-effective route for you to market.



p33 Molds will be made to your specifications and/or industry standards. Lead times are flexible but usually range from 30 to 50 working days. Our weekly progress report insures the process is running on schedule to avoid last minute rush. Following final design approval and tool manufacture, samples are submitted with a fully detailed inspection report.



p35 Workshop


APC´s Partner has a 53,800 square feet tooling shop which houses everything from large CNC milling machines to EDM equipment. We are capable of handling molds of any variety of sizes. Our staff includes many long time mold makers, some of whom have been with APC´s Partner for more than 10 years. Our experience and commitment to quality set us apart from other mold makers. APC´s Partner maintains a continuous 3-shift operation and prides itself in its ability to handle the most demanding requirements with skill and professionalism.

p37      p1

p38Quality Assurance

Quality begins with competent and motivated employees, bringing commitment and know-how to the company. APC´s Partner and its employees is committed to a quality management system that makes quality a basic business principle. This will be accomplished by ensuring quality management principles are effectively used, monitored and reviewed throughout all work completed by APC´s Partner. This strategy is based on customer satisfaction, achieved by meeting our own and our customer's requirements on time, every time. Quality and reliability are designed and built into every mold we produce at APC´s Partner.

The foundations of our quality management: p39
continual improvement in all areas
employee training and monitoring of efficiency
regular maintenance of machines and plant
optimization of processes
regular internal audits of products, systems and processes



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